Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pictures say 1000 words

I'm letting this one talk, since I'm speechless!
I can't stop looking at this picture. I don't recognize myself anymore. This picture was taken last Thursday. My husband and I were on vacation in Minnesota, and we went out to a dinner theatre. Our 10 year anniversary is next month, and I wanted to wear a dress and heels. Poor guy. I towered over him, but I felt fantastic.  Current weight is 256.0. It is my new lowest.

I had an unfill about 3 weeks ago, and it was the best decision ever. Initially, I gained about 7 pounds after that week, but now I can actually eat normal food again (Still struggle with lettuce and big chunks of bread and red meat) but everything else is fine. Today, I am back down at my lowest weight again. woohoo!

I ate salmon over the weekend, and jumbo shrimp. I ate out every single day, but made wise choices and lost a total of 3 pounds on vacation.  I enjoyed myself tremendously, and it was actually nice that I didn't have to have a good time centered around food. I felt comfortable, and the people that were dining with me felt comfortable. It was a good time.

Ohhhh, also, I finally had my tattoo finished. I had it shaded in at this little mom and pop tattoo shop in Minnesota. I just love it!
That's about all the news there is for now! I hope everyone has a happy week!