Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday (Week 36 Post-op)

I am officially in the 250's! I have lost a total of 120 pounds now, and 100 since surgery on January 12th, 2011. That is a 32% weight loss! I'm thrilled with the results.

My fickle little band has decided to tighten itself up again. It was fine as could be after my fill in early August and just recently, it has been nearly impossible to get any sort of solid down...even chunky soup is a challenge. I can chug water, but anything with substance, forget it. Ohh unless you count chips and crackers and all of the other things that easily break down! I have had a few PB's lately, and decided enough is enough! I'm going in tomorrow to have .5cc's taken out. That will allow me to eat solids and still feel like I have control.

The highest amount of fluid I have ever had in my band was 7cc's and that was extremely too tight to the point that I could not even get water down. I'm at 6.75 now and some days it's good and after a PB episode, I just can't seem to get back to norm.  From April to May, I was at 6.5ccs and I want to be at 6.25.

I am very content with my weight loss so far and am in the 250's. My height lets me get away with it. I'm in XL scrubs. Clothes look cute on me. No double chins in photos anymore. I can live with a much slower weight loss.

Wish I was going to Boobs, but instead I have to work :(  Have a great week everyone!


  1. WOo Hoo! Congrats on getting into the 250's!! Progress is progress no matter how slow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like your doing fabulous chica. And if you gotta remove some, then do it. I kind of wish I was going to Boobs as well. Maybe next year.