Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress pics

The end of the semester is in sight! I have 3 more tests and the last day of school is May 19th. I am headed up to visit my cousin in Minneapolis for a long weekend.  My original goal was to lose 80 pounds and be 299 by the time I saw him.

I am holding steady at about 296.  I am going to make Wednesdays my official weigh-in day.  It's that Time of the Month, so I am expecting a small gain tomorrow.

My husband won me a mountain bike, and we finally got it assembled. I can't wait to take it for a spin.  The weather has been cold and rainy, but when the weather is nice, I'm in class or I'm working.  My cousin told me to bring my bike up with me to Minneapolis, so that we can take some rides. He is on a mission to lose weight himself, and is doing awesomely!

I am in serious need of clothing. Everything is tooo big!  I HATE clothes shopping, but I will have to pick up a few things prior to vacation.

Without further wait, here are some new photos:

The one on the left is at 360. I am 5'11. The one on the right is the day I hit 299!

 I know this shirt is a little snug yet, but I plan on wearing it with a jacket or a sweater. Gotta love back rolls!
These were taken today! I'm down 83 pounds!
My hips are still wide and my lower stomach is pooling into my pants. I hate it. One day I will have plastics on  it, but that is still a long ways away. I'm glad for push-up bras and shapewear for sure!


  1. Hey, Thanx for telling me how to find your new blog... *Maria*

  2. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! You totally look younger compared with the first pic! Hotchacha cha!

  3. Great pics! And sweet jacket!! :)