Thursday, May 26, 2011

A summary of the last week of hell

Yay! School is out for summer. Grades came back with an A in Biochem and an A- in Anatomy and Physiology.

So I mentioned that my wallet was stolen over a week ago. Everything was replaced, and I was able to salvage my vacation. I left a day later, but I still had fun.

My cousin and I went to the casino on Friday night, and didn't have much luck. The weather was rainy pretty much the whole time we were there. Saturday, he had an appointment in Uptown, so I tagged along. I found a small little coffee shop and grabbed myself an iced drink while sitting outside in the sunshine. It was nice. I enjoyed the people watching.

Later on that night, Joe and I took a drive downtown. We went out to Burnsville and watched the planes fly overhead.  It was getting chilly so we headed back to his place. Since we were up so early, we were both pretty tired, and called it an early night.

Around midnight I was woken up by severe thunderstorms. I was scared that I would have bad hail damage on my car like Joe did a few weeks earlier. The storms settled down, and I drifted off to sleep.

Sunday rolled around, and the weather was still pretty bad.  We loafed around Joe's condo debating on what to do today. My plans for the zoo were out of the question.  We decided to head out to the mall. I think we were both in such a funk from the weather, that neither of us were really into shopping. We stopped in Marshalls, and Joe got some chocolate at Godiva. (I didn't) and then we decided to leave to rent some movies.

After returning to Joe's house, we noticed that there were police everywhere blocking all of the entrances to the road and the surrounding neighborhood roads to access his condo. We stopped and asked the policeman what happened, and he had said a TORNADO had touched down.  Everything went into a big blur as we looked around and saw all of the debris laying all over, and the roof of the Nestle corporation building was partly missing.  We parked the car. Joe bolted from the car and ran towards his condo. The skies were pouring rain. I stayed put, scared. I texted a friend who told me not to worry and toughen up. I called Joe's mom who said that she had talked to him and a giant tree had crashed through his living room. He was in his condo and that the ceiling was about to collapse. No one knew he was inside.

I hung up with her and was about to run out into the rain, when Joe was making his way back. It was bad. The whole roof of his condo had collapsed from the giant tree. There was no warning, no sirens, nothing. We must have missed the tornado by minutes. Where my air mattress laid in his living room, with my laptop and digital camera on top, is where the tree penetrated. All my belongings were saturated. My suitcase was wet and my clothes were covered with insulation. I'm glad we were not there when it happened and I am glad we are alive. Joe will be out of a place to live for the next 2 months or so, but insurance will cover it. His mom came up that night and put us up in a hotel and helped Joe figure out a game plan. We were tired, hungry and wet, and smelly. We did so much walking that day and in the rain. I was out cold, once my head hit the pillow

I decided to leave on Monday afternoon as I felt like a fifth wheel, and head home a day early. There was a lot of business to take care of, and I just felt in the way. The six hour drive home was uneventful. Glad to be home and relax, for sure.

I had mentioned in a few posts back that I have been getting dizzy lately. Well, I had my first scary episode on Tuesday. I had eaten breakfast, and I was sipping on gatorade as I usually do, and I started feeling light headed, then started sweating. Next thing you know, I'm on the floor, but it felt like I was just waking up from a nap. I had blacked out. I don't even remember going down. My face broke my fall. My lip is busted up, and my front tooth is chipped. My cheekbone and eye socket on the left side are all black and blue.  Granted I can't eat a lot at once, but I am eating. I don't eat fast food, or junk. I get my protein in and always make sure I get my water in, but I think this may have been some low blood sugar. I have a follow up appointment with the doctor scheduled.

So, now today is back to work, off tomorrow, and then another 4 day stretch over the weekend.  It certainly has been the most memorable vacation of my life!

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  1. Oh wow. OK...if you're actually need to see a doctor PRONTO. I hope it doesn't happen again. The soonest you feel lightheaded...sit down...even if it's on the floor to keep from hurting yourself.

    So sorry about your cousin's home. Count your blessings that you were both safe. Belongings can always be replaced (I know that's little comfort when you have to spend money on new stuff) but people can't.