Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday Week 26 post-op

The scale read 271.2.
A significant drop.

The fill has worked, but it will be short lived. Sometimes in our heart of hearts, we know we are doing the wrong thing, but desperation leads us to stupidity.

I am tight. I am beyond tight. I haven't been able to drink water without gurgling, and forget about foods. I have been sipping tiny amounts of broth through a straw, and it is no fun to live like that, no matter how much weight you lose.

I will be seeing the surgeon today for an unfill. I had .5ccs added, and I'm asking them to take out .75. I honestly believe I was too tight before I had this fill, but yet I opted for another one simply because I haven't been losing weight. After reading about the red zone, I fit into a lot of the things in that category. I was relying on slider foods. Any healthy food, such as a green been would make me slime.

I'm being totally honest here, and I'm sure you all think I'm crazy. My friend helped me realize that I had the lap band to get healthy and how I'm using it, is not good, and I'm changing today, before permanent damage is done.

That is all folks


  1. Just curious, how much do you have in your band?? I'm going for a fill Monday...I have 7cc's. I was thinking I wanted a drastic fill (1 cc). But now, maybe not so much!!!

    Good luck on getting to the perfect spot!!

  2. Good for you for doing what you know is right. You will feel great and the weight will start to drop again.

  3. I'm glad to hear this, I want you to be healthy and still be able to enjoy food!

    Surviving on liquids is no way to live. :(

  4. I don't think you're crazy at all. You are doing the right thing by getting the need to be able to eat food rather than relying on liquids and sliders.

  5. You have a good friend. A stagnate scale is so frustrating, but you are so right that the short term gains (or losses in this case) just aren't worth it. It is hard, but you can do this. One day at a time, sweet girl.

  6. Bravo for recognizing that you were probably too tight before this last fill even. I've heard that a lot of people start seeing the pounds drop after an unfill because they eat healthy, whole foods again. Good luck!

  7. new follower here, i've read a few of ur recent posts and u have come such a long way from the start!! I never knew much about weight loss surgery but it's very intriguing and I dont know how any can call it the "easy" way out after reading so much on the drastic changes the body undergoes and how much nourishment it needs afterwards. You absolutely CAN do it and you've been proving it ever since the surgery :)