Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday Week 25 post-op

The scale is not budging, but it will in time.  Let's see what is new to report..

Well, for starters, a friend of mine decided to clean out her closet, and I received about 8 boxes of clothes. Tons of size XL shirts and size 16/18 jeans. Now, tell me if that isn't motivation to start losing again, or what?

I have decided that I am ready for a small fill again. I haven't had a fill in 3 months, but I am starting to get hungry more frequently. I can eat way more than a cup of food. ( I can eat an entire 10 piece mc donald chicken nugget package, mc flurry, and smoothie) oops..did I say that out problem in a small amount of time.

I'm feeling really badly about my food choices lately and my lack of exercise. I have become lazy with food choices and exercise. I have been eating emotionally.

It's time to get back to basics.

In other news. Today I received a motivational card from my cousin. She sent me a gift card for $100 to Kohls to celebrate every pound I have lost. She is AMAZING! I am so touched. I took a picture of the card and the gift card, and texted it to my friend...not to brag..but to show how touched..and how amazing she is... He replied back. NO COMMENT.

I am fuming! I shouldn't let it get me upset, but it does. Why? Because he is overweight and he exercises regularly (makes poor food choices) but isn't losing weight. According to him, I wake up and breathe and lose a pound no matter what. We just don't see eye to eye on this issue. I took the easy way out. I don't deserve to be looked at as an inspiration because I am not killing myself in the gym to lose this weight. This is all according to him...of offense meant. UGH!

In the beginning, after my 2nd fill, the weight loss just happened with minimal effort. It doesn't work like that anymore. I'm no longer melting but at the same time I'm not doing anything to increase my weight loss either. I feel badly for him, that he can't lose his weight but I'm just ticked off about this.

Anyways, I'm taking this all as fuel for motivation! Time to get back on track. Vacation is over!


  1. Glad you're getting back on track! You can't worry about what others think about you. What a great gift from your cousin. So thoughtful!

  2. Jealous friends are TOXIC. I wouldn't speak with him about your weight loss unless he pointedly asks. People are going to think you took the easy way out if you give them the opportunity to, so I would say from now on - don't give them opportunity to make you feel bad!

  3. I agree with Ronnie. This seems to be a taboo topic with your friend so best to just avoid it altogether. It's difficult when someone is struggling to lose weight to see someone do it "effortlessly" which we all know is B.S. but he's going to think it no matter what you tell him or what the truth is. Yay for supportive friends and cousins!

  4. That stinks that a "friend" would treat you that way. You don't NEED that. Focus on yourself, my friend, and be successful. Anyone that wouldn't be proud of you or happy for you for that isn't TRULY a friend. Hugs!