Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday (Week 24 Post-op)

Today's weight was 277.6
Another slow loss week, but it wasn't a gain.

Thank you for all of the support and the new followers.  I can't see who follows me. It comes up blank. I wish I knew what the issue was!

A few things for this week. Yes, I am still struggling. I was chatting with my friend the other day, and of course talking about weight loss. I am so happy that I have lost just over 100 pounds. Tickled pink, but now that I am fitting into smaller sizes, I think I am getting complacent.

Yes losing 100 pounds in a HUGE accomplishment, but I'm still 277 pounds, and I still have a long way to go, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I could not do this on my own without my band. My eyes are always bigger than my pouch!

I started out good today. I had a scrambled egg and a glass of milk for breakfast. I was scheduled for a root canal, and knew my mouth was going to be sore, so I tried to eat as much protein as possible.

For lunch, I attempted spaghetti, the same left over spaghetti that I had the other night. Yeah, 2 bites, and it all came up. Not fun. My band is a fickle creature and time of month will be here tomorrow or the next day, so I'm super tight because of it.

Oh, and afterwards since the spaghetti wasn't going down, I attempted fun size M&Ms, well one bag isn't so fun, so I had 5. Yeah, 350 calories worth of M&Ms. On a brighter note, my chocolate craving is full filled.

My mouth is sore, and it is time for bed. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. My inlaws decided last minute to visit. I have a lot of cleaning to do!


  1. Hey! I have been where you are, literally, feeling complacent at a new weight. I had about six months where I screwed around and didn't lose anything (not saying you are doing this). But now I am back in the game hard-core. I don't think being complacent for a little bit is such a bad thing; it gives you time to mentally adjust and then come back at it hard. Hang in there - you're doing fine!

  2. You are going to bounce back in no time. We all get complacent. I have so much to lose. I am a slow loser. However, I'm happy for what I have lost so far. I think you are doing well.

    This too shall pass.

  3. Mmmm...M&M's. Sorry - on to what you were saying. I think after experiencing some success, we all get a bit complacent in our weight loss. You've done so well and have come so far that I'm sure in some ways, it feels like you should be "done." You'll get back in the game...don't worry.

  4. I understand about complacency. That is exactly what I am and it is going to be hard work to get me out of it. Thank goodness I have peeps like you all to encourage me!!

    Just like we are going to encourage you. Because I KNOW you can do this!