Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm struggling

I'm no longer melting. I am up and down the same three pounds. It's not like I can go in for a fill again. I am at good restriction.  I have all the motivation in the world, but I'm just struggling.

.....and I'm frustrated!

My work schedule has been screwy the last 3 weeks. I have no normal routine. Getting to the gym has been difficult with my schedule, but I plan on going tonight. I feel bloated and yucky.

In other news this week, I decide to lighten my hair...It's a bit too light for me, but it's growing on me. In fall, I will go back to my red hair!
And lastly, I'm not sure if I ever updated you guys on my first tattoo. It isn't finished quite yet, but here is a good first look at it. I got it done in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. It is symbolic for my parents and myself.
The bottom butterfly needs to be finished. (the one that represents me) and I'm sort of okay that it isn't complete yet, because that is how I feel. I also will need the shading completed, which I plan on getting later this fall.


  1. Sorry your having a tough few weeks, the schedule change is probably what is doing it to you, our bodies are like robots sometimes and you throw them off schedule and they freak out. Love the hair and the tattoo is amazing! I have a few and want some more so bad!

  2. Beautiful hair, lovely tattoo!

    Sometimes we plateau and then all the sudden BAM we lose 5 lbs! I am stuck at the moment too! I've been losing the same 2 lbs for weeks now! Hopefully that trend is over soon!

  3. There are times when we all are stuck ya know. For goodness sake...my body or my mind seem to not want to give me what I need to move past the 170's for good...but I am dealing with it a little better. Sometimes when I feel bloated and icky (this morning for example) I try to have a good day. My plan for today is to workout (done thank God), drink only water (making it so far), eat when I am hungry (again..it's only 1046am, but I am making it) adn when I do eat...make positive choices. One day at a time. If I can do today, then tomorrow comes a little easier.

  4. What Amy said !!! Great Tat... The weight will melt off... Patience....

  5. Love the tattoo, and the hair. :)

    Hope things get better on the weight loss front, just remember you've lost over 100 lbs in less than 5 months - so a little slack when things are so hectic is definitely needed.

  6. I've been playing with the same couple pounds for a month now so I feel ya on this. We just have to keep plugging along and know that eventually that scale will move in the right direction.

    I love the tattoo! I want to do one with panda bears that represent me and my girls.

  7. You've done so well in such a short amount of time! Give your body a chance to catch its breath :)

    The hair and the tattoo look great! So beautiful!

  8. It is taking me forever to catch up! I had seen your hair and you know I LOVE it. But I hadn't seen the tattoo and it looks fabulous!!