Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend in Michigan

The hubs and I were in Michigan this past weekend. We attended a wedding of my sister-in-law's baby sister. It was a beautiful ceremony. We had chicken, asparagus, and some mashed potatoes. I had a little bit of everything, and it was delicious.

I stayed pretty active with my nephews this weekend. All in all we had a very fun time. I have been working on staying a lot more hydrated and eating more.  My friend is concerned that I am so addicted to the weight loss, that I'm doing more harm to myself. Yes, I am addicted to the weight loss, but I AM eating. I'm making good choices too.

I'm hoping to hit my 100 pounds down by Wednesday. It's that time of the month already, so I have been retaining water, so not sure how Wednesday's weigh-in will go. I'm not sweating it. I have had a lot of good weeks recently, and if I have a smaller loss week, that's ok by me.

Here are some pics from the wedding!

 The lovely bride and groom, Amber and Jon

  1.  My sister-in-law, Stephanie and Brother-in-law Adam

 My dress
 My husband and I
 My 9-yr old Nephew, Kegan
 My almost 4yr old Nephew, Kaleb
 Kegan and Kaleb, looking so handsome!
 My hubby, Tom and his Brother, Adam
Grilling out the next day, Beer can chicken and wild mushroom Risotto--Delicious!


  1. You all looked so spiffy! As long as you're eating, you're not doing harm to yourself. Comments like that always cause me to pause and think about how messed up Americans are when it come to food. Most really have no idea what a healthy portion of food looks like. I'm American so I'm not coming down on anybody but a few people I know have said similar things to me about how little I eat while stuffing their faces with huge plates of food. Fascinating.

  2. look super cute! So glad it was a fun time. :)