Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday (Week 22 Post-op)

So it has been another week and no weight loss to report. I haven't even felt like blogging. I'm in such a funk lately and can't seem to get focused.

Today, I decided that I need to refocus and set some goals. I'm driving up to the Twin Cities in October with my husband to visit some friends, and I have a 30lb weight loss goal set for October 8th. That's 16 weeks away, and an average of just under 2 pounds per week until then. My eating hasn't been an issue, but the lack of movement is catching up with me.  While I was in school, I was busy all day and all night. Now that school is out for summer, I am eating out of boredom.  After stepping on the scale this morning and not seeing another loss, I decided to sign up at the gym.

My gym is one of those fancy ones, but it has nice equipment and a private Woman's only area--which I love--and they have a pool and are open 24 hours. I get a nice discount through work and it comes with 2 hours of personal training.  I scheduled my first appointment today with Andy. He is wonderful. Andy put a plan together for me and showed me what to do, and said he would be checking to see if I am coming in to follow it!

I'm excited about this. I need some motivation and this sounds like a good method.

Hope everyone has a productive week!
Megan :)


  1. Good for you! Everyone know I LOVE a good plan!!

  2. Good luck on your plan! So wish I had money in my budget for a trainer, I know that would give me the swift kick in the tush I need sometimes!

  3. Wow great job on the 100 lbs lost! That's awesome!!!!