Monday, August 15, 2011

so I updated my ticker...

to account for the five pound weigh gain over the past month.

I'm not a dog, but yet, I'm constantly finding ways to reward myself with food. Once I hit the 100 pound lost mark, I felt okay. I can do so many things that I wasn't able to do a few months ago. At work, I can take the stairs from the ground floor to the 5th floor and  can run up two flights of stairs without getting winded. These may sound trivial, but for me, it's huge.

I can cross my legs. I can wear a seat belt without an extender. My husband bought me my first Brewers baseball t-shirt yesterday, in a woman's cut style. That was huge for me! My 5x scrubs have been replaced by XLs. These are all fantastic, but it's not enough.

My motivation is slowly coming back. School starts back up in 2 weeks, and I will have a busy active life again. Thinking back a year ago, I was just starting the process of weight loss surgery, and so proud that I had lost 10 pounds. I have to find some sort of exercise that I like, because I really don't like to exercise.
I mean I REALLY don't like to exercise!

But in other news...I did get a fill today. I was at 6.5ccs and went up to 7ccs last month. The 7ccs was too much and I was so tight that I couldn't keep water down. I ended up going down to 6.25ccs. Today, I got a .5 fill and now I'm at 6.75. So far, all water and my protein shake I have been sipping on, has been going down fine.

I still really would like to get down to 250 by October 5th. I'm not sure how doable that is, but I'm going to do my best to get there!


  1. You have come a LONG way Meg!! OMG, I can't even imagine myself down 100 lbs. It seems so far away. You have reached awesome goals! I can't wait to have a ladies cut shirt and cross my legs for a period of time! Walking 5 flights of stairs = awesome!! I don't know that I'll meet that kind of goal because of my MS, but I sure hope the weight loss makes it easier for me to carry around my body!
    My favorite NSV will be going to Six Flags and fitting on all the rides. Doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it is. It's HUGE.
    As far as exercise, my husband and I are going to try joining the Y again. He's got alot of weight to lose also. I told him if he doesn't get his butt moving, he's going to be having surgery too because I want us both to be healthy for our future children and ourselves! (Is that bad that I threatened him with surgery??) Anyhoo, I HATE exercising too, but eventually I have to start doing it. Remember the end result.

  2. You are an inspiration, Meg. I'm a new follower, and I'm glad I found you! 100 lbs is a HUGE accomplishment - you go girl! I am not a huge exercise fan, mostly I'm getting it in by walking to and from work as much as I can. I'm also going to try a zumba class in the next few weeks, and see how that goes. My husband also seems interested in exploring some kickboxing options, so we'll see what happens!! Not sure I buy "finding something you love to do", because I'd almost always rather be reading a book, but hey! It's gotta be done...keep up your AWESOME work!!

  3. Meg, How amazing is it that you have lost over 100 pounds since January??? You are doing so well!

  4. Try not to feel discouraged! You've come so far and have made such progress!! You're an inspiration and I know you will keep chugging along until you hit your goals.

  5. You've done such a great job, Meg! You are so beautiful and such a great inspiration!

  6. Hi!!! You know how awesome and beautiful I think you are, so we will just skip all that. :) j/k You are awesome! And beautiful!!

    I'm glad you said that you want to find an exercise you like. That is totally the key. I think we think about working out as temporary thing...I will work out until I lose xx pounds. But then we want to quit and go back to what we did before. The problem is that then WE just go back to the way we were before.

    The key is to find something we enjoy so we keep doing it. If someone asked me how long I plan to Jazzercise, I would be very confused. I have been doing it for years and years and I expect to do it forever. It isn't a chore. It is my hobby where I go see my friends. It is a habit and part of my life. I hope you find YOUR Jazzercise!!