Wednesday, August 24, 2011

weigh-in Wednesday Week 32 post-op

Today's weight is 267.2
I can't remember what I weighed last week...I want to say about 273? Big loss this week, but it has also been a fill week, so I'm sure it will stabalize out.
That brings me down 111 pounds. Loving it! I feel good. No more dizzy spells this far. I'm feeling good. Food is staying down. I'm getting in all of my liquids, etc. Although it is doubtful, I may actually make my goal of 250 by October 5th! Craziness!

I can't believe this summer is coming to an end already. It seems like it only has begun. School starts up on Monday, and I already have been studying to prepare. It will be a challenging semester, but I'm ready for it. I love having a normal routine again. I love studying with my friends. I love learning new things and competing for the best grade in the class. I'm such a nerd that way!

I saw a cute quote that I thought I would share. "But excuses..will lead to a BIGGER BUTT!" Isn't that the truth?

I met up with a friend today for coffee. I haven't seen her since May. Her mouth dropped and she said, "OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK AWESOME!" I feel awesome!

I went shopping after I blogged and tried on some clothes...I resisted the urge to buy anything, but here is an outfit I tried on!
size XL top and 20W bottoms

Happy weight loss week everyone!


  1. I'm SO happy for you!!!!! You rock! And after school settles down for the both of us, we have GOT to get together!! I have clinical at WAMH again this semester so I'll have to stop by to see you in person!!! Pictures look great, but in person is better! Keep up the good work Meg & thanks for being a great inspiration!

  2. You look AMAZING Meg!! So thrilled for you and all your are doing extremely well! Kudos!


  4. Cute outfit! and great job on the loss!

  5. I know I tell you all the time but you are so friggin cute! :)

  6. YOU LOOK TOTALLY SKINNYFIED!! Love the picture!! Glad your friend made a deal out of seeing's ALWAYS a lifter upper!